HeatingIt Is Not too Late to Replace Your Heater

If you’ve turned your heater on and run it a few times already this year, but were not impressed with what you experienced, remember that it is not too late to replace that heating system. Yes, the coldest time of the year is just around the corner. That is all the more reason to get your heating replacement out of the way, though.

Look at it this way. You may be able to make it through the winter season in relative comfort with the heater that you have in place. Chances are that you’ll be paying more to do so, though, and there is a good chance that you’ll wind up needing heating repairs at some point along the way. Don’t push your luck. Schedule your heating replacement in Everett, WA with out staff.

Factors to Consider

Investing in a new heating system is definitely a big decision. It is not one that you should rush into. There are plenty of factors to consider that can help you to decide if the time is in fact right for a heating replacement, though.

  1. System age. Have you had your heater for more than ten years? If so, it may not make much sense to continue repairing it. All heaters have finite lifespans, and a heater that is more than a decade old is likely creeping up on its retirement age anyway.
  2. Energy efficiency. If your heater is not heating your home efficiently, then consider this a great opportunity for investing in a newer, more efficient heater. Maybe your heater is old enough that it can’t compare to today’s efficiency levels. Maybe you bought a less efficient heater to save money at the time of purchase. Whatever the case, you can replace your heater with a more efficient one today.
  3. Heating method. If your heater is one that you inherited with your home, it may simply not be the type of heater that you’d have chosen for yourself. That alone is enough reason for considering a replacement. We’ll help you to explore your options and find the ideal heater for your preferences.

When you’re ready to invest in a new heater, call G & S Heating Cooling & Electric.


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