HeatingIt’s Important That Your Heater Is Properly Sized

Washington gets cold in the winter, but we don’t have the extreme weather that the northeast or midwest encounters. Relatively mild as our winters may be, there is no reason to take any chances when it comes to the performance of your heater in Marysville, WA. If you want your new heater to excel, you need to know that it is of the right size for your home.

There is a lot to consider when shopping for a new heater. If you’re looking for a new installation in January, it’s likely because your heater has unexpectedly broken down. Even so, don’t rush the process. Dial our number, and we’ll make sure that your heater is appropriately sized, whichever make and model you may choose.

Undersized Heaters

Homeowners generally understand that an undersized heater is no good. The problems with a heater that is too small for the space in which it is installed are fairly obvious. The heater is going to struggle to heat the space, which will likely leave you living in less comfort than you deserve. Even worse is the fact that your heater is going to waste energy as it attempts to heat a space to big for its output. That means that you’ll be paying more for less comfort. The strain that this operation puts on the system also increases the risk of encounter operational problems.

Oversized Heaters

Now, an oversized heater is actually going to result in many of the same problems that an undersized heater will, which comes as a surprise to the many homeowners believing that bigger is inherently better. Sure, the heater will heat the space. However, it can actually do so too quickly. This sounds better than failing to heat the space at all, of course, but it’s only marginally so, if at all. This rapid heating leads to short cycling, causing the system to cycle on and off too frequently. That wastes a huge amount of energy at start-up over and over, and the resulting strain will likely damage the system in the long run.

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