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You’re probably running your heater already, with temperatures topping out in the 60’s and frequently dipping into the 50’s during the daytime hours already. As temperatures in the 40’s grow more and more common in the coming weeks, you are going to be counting on an effective performance heating system in Lake Stevens, WA more and more.

You need more than an effective and reliable performance from your heater, though. You need to know that your heater is operating safely. That is why you should keep these heating safety tips in mind.

Keep the Space Around Your Heater Clear

It doesn’t matter what type of heating system you use. You need to keep the area surrounding it free of clutter. Generally, a 3-foot clearance space is ideal. Even if you’re not worried about your furnace setting materials ablaze, there are issues like ventilation and ease of access in the event of emergency to consider. Space may be tight, but using the area immediately surrounding your furnace for storage is never a good idea.

Keep Carbon Monoxide Detectors in Place

You need to have carbon monoxide detectors professionally installed in your home. Carbon monoxide is incredibly dangerous when it leaks into homes. Because it has no odor, taste, or color, there is really no way in which people can detect it on their own. Carbon monoxide should be vented out of the house when your heater is working properly, but having these detectors in place is an absolute necessity for comprehensive protection.

Keep Up with Routine Maintenance

If you’re wondering why you are so frequently reminded to schedule routine heating maintenance, the answer is simple. It’s just that important. While routine heating maintenance helps your heater to function as effectively and reliably as possible, not to mention efficiently, it also serves to protect your safety. A properly operating heater is inherently safer than one that is poorly maintained, and this service gives technicians a chance to catch potentially dangerous problems early on.

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