HeatingKirkland WA Heating Installation FAQ: Which Type of Heating System is More Efficient?

If you’re like most homeowners then you’re looking for every way to reduce your energy consumption. With energy prices rising, many people are taking a closer look at their heating systems. When you live in Washington, you likely run your heating system a lot throughout the year. Examining your heating system and replacing it could be a good idea in certain cases. At G & S, we provide complete heating installation in Kirkland WA for all different types and brands of heating systems. We often get asked which heating system is more efficient than the rest. While that question is difficult to answer, we thought we’d take a crack at it to help give our customers some ideas about which system is right for them.

Heating Systems: Different vs. Better

While there are some heating systems that are definitely outdated and inefficient, like gravity furnaces, it’s actually hard to say which system is more efficient than the others. One of the main reasons for that is because each system is so different from the others. It’s easy to compare one furnace’s efficiency levels to another because they work the same. But when you start to compare furnaces to heat pumps it’s kind of like comparing apples to oranges.

However, furnaces and boilers are both given the same efficiency rating and are very popular for heating installations in Kirkland, WA. Furnaces and boilers are given an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating. The AFUE describes what percentage of the fuel consumed is actually turned into usable heat. So with these two systems you actually can compare the efficiency of each system.

Similarly, heat pumps and ductless mini split systems are both given a Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) that measures heat output divided by energy consumed. Since ductless mini split systems are a type of heat pump it makes sense to compare these two systems. Many homeowners prefer this type  of heating installation in Kirkland, WA because you don’t have to burn a fuel source to heat your home.

Budget and Personal Taste

In the end, the efficiency of your heating system that you get will likely be determined by your personal taste and by your budget. Some people prefer boilers and radiant heat to forced air systems like furnaces and heat pumps. However, if you don’t have a radiant heating system in your home it will likely cost a lot of money to rip up your floors and install the heating coils to heat your home.

Call G & S for all your heating installations in Kirkland, WA. We can help you pick out the right heating system that matches your home and your budget. Contact G & S today!


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