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ductless-blowerIn our previous post, we talked about how a heat pump can help you to heat your home with greater energy efficiency.  We also talked about how our climate here in the Pacific Northwest is particularly well-suited for the use of a heat pump. Today, we want to talk about a specific type of heat pump that can offer even greater, more unique benefits. The system in question is the ductless mini split, and it can revolutionize the way in which you heat your home.

Read on to learn more about what makes the ductless mini split such an innovative heating option, and how it is that the system operates. Then, give us a call to have your new system installed in your home. Regardless of whether or not you choose to use a ductless mini split in Mukilteo, WA, you can count on our experts to install your new heating system properly.  You deserve great comfort, and that’s what we have to offer. 

How Heat Pumps Work

We’ve covered this recently, but let’s do a short rundown for new readers of our blog. A heat pump cools the air in a home by evaporating refrigerant in the indoor coil and then releasing that heat outdoors, just like a central air conditioner. A component called the reversing valve allows for this function to be reversed. The refrigerant flows in the opposite direction, and the coils switch operation. Heat is drawn out of the air outside, the refrigerant is compressed, and its thermal energy is used to heat the air in the house. This heat transfer process does not require the generation of new heat, and is very efficient as a result.

What Makes the Ductless Mini Split Different?

It’s right there in the title: no ductwork! Air ducts can be quite effective in distributing conditioned air throughout the house. However, ducts are also largely hidden from view, meaning that problems with those ducts are not always promptly recognized. By eliminating the need for air ducts, you can further boost energy efficiency by eliminating the risk of duct leaks. Plus, the individual blowers used by ductless mini splits allow you to regulate temperatures in your home with greater control, as they are all controlled independently of one another.

Are There Other Benefits?

You bet! In addition to boosting energy efficiency and allowing for simple zone control via the independent regulation of the blowers, ductless mini splits are also ideal for those homes without existing ductwork, or those that simply cannot accommodate ducts. The blowers connect to an outdoor compressor/condenser unit via simple conduits containing power and refrigerant lines. A hole is drilled into an exterior wall of your home, typically only about 3 inches wide.

While the installation of ductless mini splits can be quite convenient, it is still a job for trained professionals. Let us know if you’re interested in using this type of system, and our team will do the job right. Don’t put your new system at risk due to subpar service quality.

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