HeatingShould I Have a Zone Control System Installed?

Savvy homeowners are always on the lookout for ways in which they can save money around the house. If you are serious about saving money, heating and cooling your home in a more thoughtful manner is a great place to start. We would never suggest that you sacrifice your comfort in order to heat and cool your home more efficiently or affordably, of course. What we do recommend, though, is that you consider the use of a zone control system in Everett, WA. This simple system can really revolutionize the way in which you use your existing forced air heating and air conditioning systems. 

Enjoy Better Efficiency

When you walk into your home, do you flip a single light switch and illuminate every room in that house? Of course not. That would be absurd. Why, then, are you content with heating and cooling your entire house to one set temperature? Surely it makes more sense to leave those unused rooms at a more moderate temperature, while maintaining a higher level of comfort in those that are actually in use. Well, this is precisely what your zone control system will allow you to do. By installing dampers in your air ducts, along with multiple thermostats throughout the house, a zone control system offers you greater control than ever before over your HVAC system. Adjust a thermostat as desired, and the system will either allow or restrict more airflow into that area, depending upon the temperature therein and your desired settings.

Improve Comfort As Well

It is rather presumptuous to just assume that everyone in your home is going to be comfortable at the same temperature, right? You’ve probably heard the squabbles over thermostat settings that prove this. When you use a zone control system, you can actually allow the residents in your home to live in greater comfort even as you scale back energy costs.

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