HeatingYes, It’s Time to Think About Your Heater!

service-timeHow is it that time of year already? It feels like just yesterday we were stocking up on sunscreen, going to weekend barbeques, and perfecting the cannonball! Yes, summer has finally come to an end … but it’s not all bad! We’ve got plenty of things to look forward to this season, like watching the leaves change, going apple picking, and carving jack-o-lanterns. Oh, and of course, turning on our heaters!

If you haven’t scheduled your heating maintenance services yet, now is the perfect time to have it done. In fact, there are plenty of reasons to schedule your heating maintenance services ahead of the winter season, and below, we’ve listed them for you. When you’re ready for maintenance, call our team.

Here’s Why You Should Schedule Now

Like we mentioned above, there are quite a few reasons why you should consider scheduling your heating services now, including:

Convenient Scheduling

Here’s the thing: many homeowners wait until the last second to schedule their maintenance services, leaving HVAC technicians like us busy answering dozens upon dozens of service calls. And yes, while this is great for business, it doesn’t leave very much time for you in our schedules. But, when you schedule your maintenance ahead of the game, you won’t have to worry about finding a time that best meets your schedule. We’ve got plenty of room!

Extra Time for Repairs

There is always a chance that your service technician is going to find something that needs repair during your maintenance visit. When you schedule your maintenance services now, it leaves us with plenty of time to repair your heater before you’ll actually need it running. Trust us, there is nothing worse than dealing with a faulty heater during the middle of winter.

Peace of Mind

When you schedule your heating maintenance services now, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your system is fully equipped to keep you and your family warm and toasty all winter long. So what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and call your local HVAC pros!

You Need Professional Maintenance

When the time comes to service your HVAC in Marysville, WA, you want to make absolutely certain that you hire a professional for the job. Otherwise, you could be left to deal with a whole slew of other issues. And yes, there may be plenty of amateurs willing to offer these services for a cheap price. However, sometimes an attempt to save money could end up costing you much more in the long run. Therefore, it is always better to call in a pro and get the job done right the first time around. Trust us, when it comes to your comfort, you don’t want to take any risks!

Remember, annual maintenance is key to ensuring the long and successful service life of your system … you definitely don’t want to miss out.

To schedule your heating maintenance services, contact the team at G & S Heating, Cooling, & Electric today. A Service Company You Can Depend On. 


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