HeatingUneven Heating: What Can I Do About Cold Spots?

Now that fall is rapidly hurtling toward the winter season, you really need to take stock of your home heating system. Is it performing as well as it should? Is it heating your entire home successful? The weather is about to get far too cold for you to tolerate uneven heating in Lake Stevens, WA.

If you have cold spots in your home, our technicians can eliminate them. However, we must first determine precisely what is causing the problem. A few potential origins of cold spots follow.

An Undersized Heater

If you have cold spots in your home, this is probably the last cause of the problem that you want to encounter. Are your cold spots in areas far from the heat source? If so, this could mean that your heater is not properly sized for your home, and thus is struggling to cool it effectively. Unfortunately, replacing the heater with an appropriately sized system is really the only solution in this case.

Leaky Ductwork

Do you use a heat pump — if not you should consider doing so — or a furnace in order to heat your home? If so, then the air heated by your system is distributed throughout your house via ductwork. If that ductwork is leaking at any point, you may experience cold spots in the house. Sealing or repair ductwork can generally resolve the problem, though duct replacement is sometimes necessary.

Inadequate Insulation

During the winter season, your insulation helps to prevent heat from transferring out of your house into the cooler air outside. If any room in your home doesn’t have enough insulation, or if the R-value of the insulation is insufficient, then excessive heat transfer can occur. Improving your insulation can help you to heat your home more successfully.

Whatever is causing your cold spots, G & S Heating Cooling & Electric has the solution. 


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