furnaceHeatingWhat Are these Noises Coming from my Furnace?

If you notice noises coming from your furnace, you may initially be alarmed. However, some homeowners decide that the unusual noise is not worth the stress of finding a heating service for repairs; they can deal with the noise as long as there is still a bit of heat coming from the vents. But this can be dangerous ideology, as a furnace that is in need of repair could actually break down, even if you still feel some heat in the home.

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Furnaces may make noises for any of several reasons, but it usually indicates a pretty serious heating issue. And when one part of your heating system is in a state of disrepair, any of the other parts may struggle as a result. You may hear any of the following from your heater this season, all of which require immediate repairs.

  • Banging: A banging noise may be a result of dirty burners. When the burners are too dirty, it could interfere with the way the system operates, causing ignition to be delayed. Delayed ignition can lead to a loud banging noise, something akin to a small explosion. Burners should only be cleaned by professionals for safety purposes and to inspect the heat exchanger for cracks that may have developed.
  • Buzzing: A buzzing noise may be the result of an electrical problem. Yes, even your gas furnace can run into electrical trouble, as it has a motor and several safety devices that all require electricity to operate. On the other hand, it could indicate a loose panel that is lightly rattling or another loose part that needs tightening. In either case, you should have a professional check it out to see if any further damage was sustained.
  • Grinding: A grinding noise most likely indicates trouble with the blower motor. The blower fan uses a motor to operate, but there are a number of factors that may affect its functionality. Whether it’s debris in the motor, an electrical error, or a motor that is simply too old, it could affect the level of heat you feel in the house.

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