HeatingWhat Happens When Your Furnace Isn’t Sized Correctly?

If you’ve ever tried to wear an article of clothing comfortably that was either too big or too small, then you know in the end it just doesn’t work; this is the same with your heating system. Just as you need to know the correct size for your clothes, you need to know what size furnace fits in your home. Some people may wonder, could it be so bad to have a furnace that’s too big or too small? Let’s take a look.

Too Big

It may seem counter-intuitive, but bigger isn’t better when it comes to your heating system. The first problem you can encounter with a system that is too big is heating that comes on too fast; for many, this can be uncomfortable, especially with a forced-air system. This can lead to a second problem that can develop: short-cycling. Short-cycling refers to the constant turning on and off of your heating system, and with a heater that is too big, your home will heat fast and cool down fast, resulting in short-cycling. Short-cycling can create a high level of wear and tear, which can lead to malfunction; it can also lead to a significant increase in energy bills.

Too Small

The biggest problem with a heating system that is too small is that it can’t achieve the heating needs for your home. As such, the heating system can run constantly as it tries to achieve the temperature setting on your thermostat. This level of operation can lead to wear and tear, malfunction, overheating and eventual breakdown; it can also prematurely age the unit. Lastly, your energy bills may skyrocket with the additional energy usage.

Calculate for Heat Load

The best way to avoid installing a furnace that isn’t the right size is to have a professional calculate your home’s heat load. The heat load is the amount of heat your home needs in order to be comfortable. There are a number of factors included in this calculation, including your home’s orientation, insulation levels, floor plan and square footage.

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