HeatingWhen Is It Time to Call for Heat Pump Repair?

Heat pumps are durable, reliable systems, but at some point, you will likely need to call for repair. Heat pumps work a little differently from other types of systems, so to determine whether or not it’s time for heating or heat pump repair, our G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc., technicians have put together a list of signs that can indicate it may be time to schedule repair:

  • Loud noises – heat pumps operate pretty quietly. Hearing loud sounds can indicate that a problem has developed. Two common noises that usually indicate problems are clicking and grinding. Clicking sounds can indicate that an electrical problem has developed, very commonly with a capacitor, and grinding sounds can indicate that certain parts, like ball bearings, have become too dry and need lubrication.
  • Icing – ice development on the coils is indicative of a refrigerant leak. When the refrigerant level runs too low, certain parts of the system stay too hot and others stay too cold. Condensation develops and then quickly freezes on the cold parts, creating ice. Simply scraping the ice off does not fix the problem; the leak needs to be found and repaired.
  • Can’t switch modes – your heat pump can switch modes between heating and cooling because of a component called a reversing valve. Sometimes, this valve can get stuck in a mode or between modes. Whenever a reversing valve gets stuck, your heat pump can’t operate correctly. Sometimes the valve can be repaired, but sometimes replacement of the valve is required.
  • Reduced air flow – your heat pump needs good air flow in order to work properly. When the air flow is restricted, which can happen with dirty air filters, the air flow in your system can decrease.
  • Reduction of warm air – if your air is feeling cool, and it’s not supposed to, this can be a sign of a few developing problems. Lack of heat can be the result of a refrigerant leak, problems with the expansion valve or even problems with the compressor.

Heat pumps are complex systems that should only be repaired by trained HVAC professionals. If you need to schedule heating repair service in Mill Creek, WA, call the professionals with over 3 decades of experience: G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc.


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