HeatingWhy Does My Furnace Pilot Keep Going Out?

Many homeowners throughout our own area, and many others, rely upon gas or propane furnaces in order to heat their homes in an efficient, effective, and reliable manner. They are able to do so thanks to their combustion of their fuel source, and the key to this combustion is the pilot light. That is precisely why any problems with one’s pilot light is so troubling. If your pilot is not able to ignite your burners reliably, there is no way that you can expect to heat your home with confidence. If you encounter any problems with your pilot light going out, know that you can count on us to handle any necessary heating repairs in Everett, WA. 


We’ll get this rather obvious one out of the way first off. Yes, it is entirely possible that there is a draft somewhere in the vicinity of your furnace that is blowing your pilot light out, just as you may a candle on a birthday cake. Of course, rather than diving into a nice dessert, you’ll only be met with a cold, uncomfortable house in this event. We can figure out how to protect your heater from the draft that it blowing out its pilot light, so that you can get back to heating your home successfully.


It’s hard enough to keep up with the cleaning around the house without having to worry about the cleanliness in the area surrounding your pilot light. If you are experiencing issues with your pilot light going out, though, it may be due to the simple fact that the area surrounding it is rather dirty. If the intake valve or other areas are dirty, then your pilot light may not be able to stay lit, and you may find yourself in a rather uncomfortable situation. Allow a trained professional to maintain and clean your system for you.


The thermocouple in your furnace is a safety device. If it senses that there is not enough heat to safely combust fuel in your furnace, then it will force the flow of gas to stop and the pilot light to go out. While it may have the best of intentions, a faulty thermocouple is really not something that you want to deal with.


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