HeatingWhy Heat My Home with a Heat Pump?

Modern technology ensures that there is no shortage of home heating systems from which homeowners may choose today. In fact, there are so many different heating options to consider that it may be rather difficult to narrow the field down to the one that best suits your needs. One option that you’d be remiss to overlook, though, especially in our particular region, is the heat pump. Heat pumps, quite frankly, have certain benefits to offer that other heaters simply cannot. You must keep in mind, though, the fact that you must schedule your heat pump services in Everett, WA with a trained professional if you hope to reap its full benefits. To do so, just call upon the technicians on the G & S Heating Cooling & Electric staff.

Why a Heat Pump Suits Our Climate

The winter season in the Pacific Northwest gets pretty chilly. However, we do not have prolonged stretches of subzero temperatures the way that other areas of the country do. This makes our climate perfectly suited to the use of heat pumps. Heat pumps, you must understand, do not generate heat in order to warm a home. They absorb ambient heat from the air outdoors via the refrigerant cycle. The warm refrigerant is then compressed in the system, boosting its thermal energy, and this energy is then used to heat air for distribution throughout the home. Because our winters are fairly mild, the heat pump is more than capable of completing this function successfully.

Why Does This Matter?

In relying primarily upon the transfer of existing heat in order to warm a home, the heat pump is able to maintain a comfortable environment while expending very little energy to do so. The result is a warm, comfortable home with low utility costs. The efficiency of the heat pump is a major selling point for the system. If you’re still not sure if this is the right heater for your home, though, consider too the fact that heat pumps are able reverse their operation, doubling as air conditioners throughout the summer season.


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