HeatingWhy Is My Heater Making These Sounds?

Just because your heater is running and keeping your home warm does not mean that it is functioning properly. If it is not functioning properly, you may be paying too much to heat your home. You may also be doing damage to your system that won’t be evident until serious problems develop.

That is why any irregularities with your heater should be assessed as soon as possible. That way, any necessary adjustments or heating repairs in Marysville, WA can be completed promptly. Strange operating sounds are among the most common signs that trouble is brewing.

  • Squealing. Is your heater squealing or screeching while running? If so, you’ve probably got a problem with your blower motor. It may be a bad belt that can simply be replaced, or insufficiently lubricated bearings. These are relatively minor issues, but must still be resolved promptly. Don’t wait until the belt snaps completely or the friction caused by insufficient lubrication leads to reduced efficiency or damages.
  • Banging. Loud banging sounds tend to be more alarming to homeowners. This is a good thing, as it can indicate a number of pretty serious issues. Something may have come loose in the system, and could be banging around in the unit. That can cause a lot of trouble for the other components being banged against. Something may also be misaligned in the unit.
  • Clicking. If you hear clicking sounds when the system starts up or shuts down, that’s actually normal. If you hear the clicking sound during operation coming from the compressor or the control panel, though, there may be a problem with a relay or an electrical control
  • Rattling. Can you hear rattling coming from the outdoor unit? If so, something like twigs could have gotten into the unit. However, the compressor could also be failing. There are always multiple possibilities, and only a trained professional can determine precisely what is wrong with your system.

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