Indoor Air QualityAre Dirty Air Ducts Really a Big Deal?

If your air ducts are falling apart at the seams, you are going to seriously struggle to heat your home in an effective manner, let alone an efficient one. Your ductwork doesn’t have to be that bad off to be compromised, though. Even if your ductwork is holding up okay, it may be dirty inside.

Now, dirty ductwork is obviously not an aesthetic problem, as a dirty carpet can be. However, it can cause some serious problems for your comfort and even for your health. That is why professional duct cleaning in North Seattle, WA may be necessary.

Problems Caused By Dirty Ductwork

The fact is that not every homeowner is going to run into issues caused by dirty ductwork, and some households will benefit from more frequent duct cleaning than others. Generally, cleaning your air ducts every 3-5 years is a good rule to follow. Here are a few signs that it may be time to schedule service.

  • Subpar indoor air quality may be the result of dirty ductwork. It’s possible for air ducts to leak, and pollutants can make their way into your air ducts via these leaks. Once they have, they can be distributed throughout the entire house, along with the intended heated air. This can decimate your indoor air quality.
  • Reduced energy efficiency may also indicate the need for duct cleaning. Now, your air ducts aren’t going to be so full of debris that it creates a blockage. However, the pollutants may clog up air filters more frequently, or build up on sensitive components in the system. That can lead to increased heating costs.
  • Issues with pests should also be followed up with professional duct cleaning. Vermin and other infestations can leave a lot of stuff behind, and it is not stuff that you want to be breathing in in your home. Once the exterminators have left, give us a call to have your ducts cleaned.

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