Indoor Air QualityDon’t Let Your AC Drag Down Your Indoor Air Quality

People often complain about the humidity during the summer season, and the role that this humidity plays in fueling our discomfort. Keep in mind, though, that having too little humidity in the air throughout your home can actually leave you just as uncomfortable and unhappy as having too much humidity in the air would. Because an air conditioner naturally draws humidity out of the air during the course of the cooling cycle, it is entirely possible that your air will be too dry when you are running your air conditioner round the clock.

  1. Dry, itchy skin is a pretty sure sign that you are living in an environment that is simply too dry. When the air around you is too dry, your skin will follow suit. If your skin is itchy, or even starting to crack, a whole-house humidifier can help.
  2. Splitting wooden floorboards or furniture can also indicate that the air in your home is too dry. It’s the same issue as that with dry, itchy skin. Chances are that air dry enough to cause wood to split will also have affected one’s body, too.
  3. Increased occurrences of static shocks can also point toward insufficient levels of humidity in the air. These shocks may not be dangerous, but they are certainly annoying. While they may not harm you, of course, they can in fact do damage to sensitive electronics in one’s home.
  4. Is the paint in your house chipping? The air may be too dry. If you are noticing more and more paint chips littering your floor, you may need to add more humidity to the air in your home.
  5. Finally, are you getting frequent sore throats, or even nose bleeds? The air in your home may be drying you out. Do not let issues with low humidity put your comfort and health in trouble.

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