Indoor Air QualityDry Winter Air Can Cause Big Problems

During the winter season, you may most closely link your heating system to your comfort. This is an obvious connection, as it is your heater that is keeping your home warm and cozy. Keep in mind, though, that your Indoor Air Quality can also have a huge impact on your overall comfort.

It can also affect your health, and you want to make sure that any such impact is a positive one. That is why you may want to use a whole-house humidifier in Snohomish, WA this year. Doing so can help you to keep your home a more healthful environment, and can protect your property as well.

  • When your skin dries out, it can split and crack. At best, it will be flaky and very itchy. Don’t let low humidity levels set back your comfort.
  • Increased illness is a problem in the winter, but it’s not really because of the cold. One of the main reasons for a rise in sickness is that dry air dries out your nasal passages and mucous membranes. This makes your body more susceptible to germs and viruses.
  • Static shocks are another issue that can stem from very dry air. These are painful and annoying. They can also do damage to sensitive electronics in your home.
  • Wooden floorboards and fixtures can split and crack, just like your skin. You cannot just rub salves on your hardwood floor, though. Don’t let dry air do damage to your property.
  • Paint can chip, and wallpaper can crack, when the air is too dry. There is no reason to let your home look shabby. Just humidify the air!

When it comes to humidifying a home successfully, nothing beats the whole-house humidifier. You don’t have to worry about moving a portable unit around room to room, or refilling the tank over and over. Just remember that these systems must be expertly installed and serviced.

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