Indoor Air QualityHow Can One Spot Faulty Ductwork?

Many, many homeowners in our area are dependent upon a system of ductwork for distributing both heated and cooled air throughout their homes. Using ductwork to do so can be a greatly successful endeavor, but only if that ductwork is in fine working condition. Too frequently, this is simply not the case. Any number of issues may impede the ability of your ductwork in Everett, WA to do its job as effectively as it should. Because your ductwork is so hidden from view, though, you may think that there is no way in which to ascertain if your air ducts are in trouble. This isn’t true. Consider the following tips, and let G & S Heating Cooling & Electric know if you have any misgivings regarding your air ducts. 

A Rise in Heating and/or Cooling Costs

Heating and cooling your home is not free, as you well know. However, you shouldn’t have to pay an arm and a leg to do so, especially not if your HVAC system used to function with significantly better efficiency. Leaky or poorly sealed ductwork can lead to serious energy waste within your home, so a problem with your ductwork could be to blame any such inexplicable spike in heating or cooling costs.

A Drop in Indoor Air Quality

Have you noticed that your allergy are aggravated more than is usual? Are you concerned that there are more airborne pollutants floating around in your home? A drop in Indoor Air Quality may also signify a problem with your air ducts, as pollutants can make their way into compromised ductwork and then be distributed throughout the house.

When in Doubt, Have Them Tested

If you lack the conclusive evidence that will convince you of any fault with your ductwork, then scheduling professional duct testing is a great step to take. This will tell you, definitively, whether or not your air ducts are in trouble. We offer this service, as well as any duct repair, sealing, or cleaning services that you may need to resolve problems with your ductwork.


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