Indoor Air QualityHow is Duct Testing Actually Completed?

If you notice that your air conditioning and heating system is not running as you’d like it to, the source of the trouble may go beyond the HVAC unit itself. As it turns out, many of the problems that most commonly form with forced-air heating and air conditioning units usually starts in the ducts. Unfortunately, ducts can leak over time, developing small holes and cracks which can really hinder the level of heating and cooling that reaches your home.

This means that your air conditioning and heating system needs to run for longer, which can actually waste a lot of energy and force parts to work much harder that they need to, sometimes leading to over-exhaustion. In order to determine whether this is an issue in your home, a technician can perform duct testing to find out how leaky your ducts are. G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc. to find out more about the state of your ducts in Greenwood.

In order to test the ducts, you need complex equipment, experience, and the ability to make sense of the reading that the detection equipment gives out. Without all of this, there is simply no good way to find out whether or not leaks make a difference for your heating and cooling. Duct leakage testing equipment hooks up to the ducts and uses a fan to calibrate and measure air pressure. Your technician will take the reading and decide whether there is adequate airflow through the ducts or if data indicates leaks.

After duct testing is completed, you may find out that your ducts leak, but the amount of leakage is acceptable. There is a point at which it may be more cost effective to leave the ducts alone because they are only leaking a small amount. However, if you and your technician determine that duct sealing is the best step, you may notice the energy savings almost immediately. Duct sealing benefits the environment, your wallet, and the state of heating and air conditioning system.

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