Indoor Air QualityImprove the Air That You Breathe Indoors This Spring

One of the best feelings after a long day at work or school is coming home and relaxing on the sofa while your HVAC system keeps you comfortable. On a hot day, your forced-air air conditioning system keeps you cool, but it can only run efficiently if you keep the doors and windows tightly sealed. This also means that you trap in contaminants that may circulate through the ducts and redistribute to the various rooms in the home.

The air indoors may actually be dirtier than the air inside without a good Indoor Air Quality system in place. Choose from our selection of professional units in Catalina so that you can rest easy knowing your air is protected. Call us today!

Electronic Air Cleaner

There are a few different types of electronic air cleaners, all of which may work with your HVAC system in order to purify the air. Ionizing air cleaners give a charge to particles in the air. With an electrostatic precipitator, particles moving through the ducts are given a charge, and then cling to metal plates in the unit with an opposite charge. An ionization generator releases ions to charge particles in the air which then cling to surfaces in the home. Alternatively, you may choose an air purifier with a HEPA filter. All of these systems will remove smaller particles—and more of them—from the air in your home.


A humidifier injects moisture into the air, which can help with some specific problems that could plague your home, especially in the winter. When you have dry air in your home, you may have dry itchy skin, chapped lips, dry sinuses, prolonged illness, and even damaged floors and furniture.

UV Germicidal Lights

One of the most harmful contaminants that could be in your home or ducts is microorganisms like bacteria and viruses. Many of these lead to illness, which is why many hospitals have UV germicidal lights in the ducts. UV light kills small organic matter instantly, so your family is protected.

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