Indoor Air QualityIs My Air Conditioner Making the Air too Dry?

Generally speaking, the problem that most people experience in the summer when it comes to humidity is too high a level of humidity. However, this is not guaranteed to be the case, and you may find that you actually have air that is too dry in your home this summer. After all, the humidity level outside is not going to necessarily reflect that within your home, especially not when you are running your air conditioner pretty much all day. If you suspect that your indoor air is too dry, you may benefit greatly from the use of a whole-house humidifier in Everett, WA.

Signs of Overly Dry Air

Your air conditioner is designed to cool your home, not to work as a dehumidifier. That being said, though, an AC certainly does remove some amount of humidity from the air in your home as it cools things down. Depending upon where your humidity level is starting out, and how much you are running your air conditioner, it is very possible for your system to dry out the air in your home excessively.

Frequent sore throats and/or bloody noses may indicate that the air in your home is too dry. Increased instances of static shocks, as well as issues with splitting wooden floorboards/furniture and chipping paint may also be the result of very dry air. If you wish to resolve or avoid these issues entirely, using a whole-house humidifier is recommended.

With a whole-house humidifier, you won’t have to worry about emptying collection buckets or moving a portable unit around the house. You can also use the system independently of your air conditioner on those days when the temperature is not an issue. Give us a call to discuss your whole-house humidification options.

G & S Heating Cooling & Electric is happy to help you enjoy greater indoor air quality.


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