Indoor Air QualityIs Something Up With Your Ducts?

Have you noticed something feels a little off with your air conditioning lately? You can tell your system is running but your comfort isn’t at the level that it usually is. There is more than one potential cause for this issue, but one culprit may be your ductwork.

All too often we find that because ducts aren’t visible there are few people who tend to realize how big a role they play in their home comfort. That is why we want to let you know that, while you may not think anything can go wrong with your ducts, there are plenty of issues that can pop up with this part of your HVAC system which can hinder the ability for your AC to cool things down and will negatively affect your indoor air quality.

What Your Ducts Do

Your ductwork acts as a type of delivery system for the air your AC system produces. All the air that is cooled down with your AC is going to be blown through the ducts and into the rooms throughout the house. But much like a water pipe, a small break or leak in this delivery system is going to cause a problem. But unlike a water leak, an air leak won’t leave you with a noticeable puddle to warn you of its presence. However, it will negatively affect your comfort.

What Can Go Wrong With Your Ductwork

So if your ducts are placed in your walls or crawlspaces, then what can go wrong with them? We can break it down two ways:

  • They can get dirty: Your ducts are responsible for pumping cooled air into your home. This means, however, that they can start to collect a build-up of dust and debris over time. If your ducts become too full of debris, it can actually begin to impede the airflow that your air conditioner produces.
  • They can leak: No, your ducts won’t leak water, but they can leak air through small holes or breaks. While this may not seem like it can have that much of an impact, even small leaks in your ductwork are going to be detrimental to your comfort and your energy efficiency. Lost air means wasted energy used to create it just for it to dissipate before it can do any good.

How To Detect Ductwork Problems

The next question is probably going to be how you are supposed to see when your ductwork is having a problem. That is where the team at G & S Heating, Cooling & Electric comes in. We provide a service known as duct testing in Everett that allows us to assess the state of your ductwork. This service will allow us to detect any potential problems in your ducts that may be affecting your home comfort. Once one of our professional technicians performs a duct test, we can provide the other services that are necessary to get your ducts back in good condition.

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