Indoor Air QualityPollutant Removal vs. Destruction: What’s the Difference?

Keeping your home comfortable is probably a major priority for you. After all, with all of the great, efficient heating and cooling systems on the market today, why would you choose to live uncomfortably in your home? There is another factor to consider in addition to the temperature in your home, though, and that is your Indoor Air Quality in North Seattle, WA.

Maintaining great Indoor Air Quality in one’s home can be trickier than keeping the temperature comfortable. That is because there are so many different reasons as to why your Indoor Air Quality may fall to begin with. Using an air filtration or air purification system can certainly resolve the problem, but only if you’re using the right equipment for the right job.

The 2 Basic Options

When it comes to dealing with pollutants in your home, you’re looking at 2 basic courses of action. The first is removing those pollutants from the air. This is accomplished in a number of different ways. The simplest and perhaps most common is air filtration. With an air filter (one of a higher efficiency than the standard filter in most HVAC systems, which is really there to protect the system itself), pollutants are simply trapped on a filtering media as the air moves through. It is important that your air filter is efficient enough to do an effective job, but not so efficient as to create too much airflow resistance for your equipment.

Another pollutant removal option is the electronic air cleaner. Such systems, like the electronic precipitator, use an ionization process to give the pollutants in the air an electric charge. Once they have, those pollutants are then usually trapped on collector plates, which have an opposite charge. Those plates are simply removed and cleaned.

Neither of these setups is right for biological pollutants, though. Biological pollutants, including viruses, mold, and bacteria, are living microorganisms. That means that they can reproduce. Destroying them with methods such as UV air purification prevents them continuing to thrive, as they will even when trapped on a filter.

When it comes to improving indoor air quality, a multi-pronged approach is usually best. Let the members of our team ensure that you have everything that you need to boost your IAQ. Contact G & S Heating Cooling & Electric today.


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