Indoor Air QualityProtect Your Health with a UV Air Purifier This Winter

The winter season is tough on our immune systems. You may not think that you have much of an issue with Indoor Air Quality in your home, but that belief can be tested when you start suffering allergy and asthma symptoms during the winter months. Even more so when you actually get sick more frequently.

No, the cold is not what does us in. It’s a combination of the strain on our immune systems, and good old fashioned bacteria and viruses. These pollutants cannot simply be filtered out of the air in your home. They must be destroyed.

Isn’t My Air Filter Enough?

There are two issues with this question. First of all, the standard air filter in your forced-air HVAC system is not really there to improve air quality throughout your home. Its main function is to protect your HVAC system itself from pollutants. That is why it is usually located at the point where the ductwork enters the system. The air that it brings back to the system from the house must be filtered before being conditioned. If you’re after better indoor air quality, upgrading to a more efficient filter (based on a MERV rating) is the way to go.

Secondly, biological pollutants are living things. Viruses, mold, bacteria, etc. are alive, and therefore can reproduce. If you want to prevent more of those materials from coming into existence, you cannot simply trap them on an air filter. Using a pollutant destruction based air purifier like a UV germicidal light system, however, will resolve the problem. UV air purifiers are installed in the system itself, typically right by the air handler, and they emit UV radiation via ultraviolet light waves.

There is not health risk of any kind to humans or pets in the house. The effect on the biological pollutants in the air passing through the ductwork, however, is devastating. The UV light disrupts the pollutants at the biological level, killing and/or disrupting their DNA/RNA in order to eliminate reproductive process.

To learn more or to schedule a UV germicidal light installation in Everett, WA, just call upon the IAQ experts here at G & S Heating Cooling & Electric.


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