Indoor Air QualityShould I Have My Ductwork Tested?

Unless you are a professional HVAC technician, you should never take it upon yourself to service your HVAC system on your own. In the case of certain components, such as your air ducts, you won’t even be able to give them a brief visual inspection, as they are too hidden from view. This may leave you wondering not only about the condition of your air ducts, but about how you can assess that condition. The answer is to schedule professional duct testing in Everett, WA. Read the following tips, and let us know if you think that you have a problem with your air ducts. G & S Heating Cooling & Electric is happy to handle your duct testing services.

Are You Struggling to Heat Your Home Evenly?

We may still be in the early stages of the heating season, but in it we are. That means that you’ve probably noticed by now if you are struggling to heat your home in an even and effective manner. If so, then damaged, leaky air ducts may be to blame. You can count on our technicians to figure out precisely what’s gone wrong with your air ducts, and to resolve those issues so that you can evenly distribute heated air throughout your home.

How’s Your Heating Efficiency?

If you’ve gone through a billing cycle since first firing up your home heating system this year, and have been shocked at the expense of running that heater, then you may be leaking heated air out of your air ducts. This energy won’t go entirely to waste, as it will wind up somewhere in your home. It may not make it to its intended destination, though, and your heater will have to work that much harder in order to effectively heat your living space.

Is the Air Quality Falling?

Have your allergies started to act up when you’re in your home? Does your household seem dusty and dingy, despite the fact that you’ve been cleaning regularly? It’s possible that pollutants have made their way into your ductwork, and that those air ducts are distributing those pollutants throughout your home. By testing your ductwork, we can figure out if they are compromised. From there, we can formulate a plan of action.


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