Indoor Air QualityShould I Schedule Professional Duct Testing Services?

Using ductwork in order to distribute both heated and cooled air throughout one’s home is a very common way in which to maintain a comfortable environment. It is also a very effective means by which of doing so. However, if your air ducts are at all compromised, there is simply no way in which they can possibly distribute conditioned air throughout your home in as effective, reliable and efficient a manner as possible. You may think it impossible to evaluate your ductwork properly, as so much of it is hidden from view. While you certainly cannot do so on your own, though, the Everett, WA duct testing pros on our staff certain can. Contact us today.

How Does Duct Testing Work?

Duct testing works by pressurizing your ductwork, and measuring the difference between the input and the pressure within the air ducts. Your duct system will be sealed off, so that no air should be escaping. We’ll then hook a calibrated fan up to the system in order to pressurize the air ducts. If we see a difference in what the pressure should be, and what the pressure within the system actually is, we know that air is leaking out of the system. We can then work on pinpointing the source of the leaks and resolving the problem.

So When Should One Schedule Duct Testing?

Not everyone is necessarily going to require professional duct testing services in their homes. In certain cases, though, you may notice a number of warning signs indicating the need for duct testing. If, for instance, you can hear a whistling sound when heating or cooling your home, that could be the result of conditioned air leaking out of the system. You may also notice hot and/or cold spots developing throughout your home, or that your Indoor Air Quality is on the decline.

If you have any concerns about the condition of your ductwork, make G & S Heating Cooling & Electric the company that you call.


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