Indoor Air QualitySigns That You Could Use an Air Cleaner in Your Home

There is no denying how important it is that you have a great HVAC system installed in your home. That is the only way that you can hope to maintain comfortable temperatures therein all year long, after all. Just remember, though, that there is more to comfort than temperature alone. You must also surround yourself with air of the highest quality in your living space. For any number of reasons, though, you may find that the air quality in your home is simply not up to your deservedly high standards. In many cases, the use of a good air cleaner in Everett, WA can help homeowners to overcome such situations. Give the IAQ specialists at G & S Heating Cooling & Electric a call to learn more.

Aggravated Allergy and/or Asthma Symptoms

When there are dirt, dust, and allergens blowing around in your home, as is so often the case, you can expect allergy and asthma sufferers to, well, suffer. There are many reasons as to why these pollutants may be highly concentrated in your home, including proximity to roadways and forested areas, as well as the condition of your insulation and ductwork. By using an electronic air cleaner in your home, you can remove these pollutants from circulation throughout your home, even if you cannot completely stop them from getting in.

Signs of Mold Growth

It can be annoying to pull ingredients out of the refrigerator, only to find mold on them. It is far more upsetting, though, to discover mold in your home. Factors such as damp or humid conditions can lead to mold growth, and you really cannot hope to successfully filter mold spores out the air, as they will continue to reproduce on the filtration system’s components. However, you can use a UV air cleaner in order to destroy those pollutants, rendering them unable to do so.


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