Indoor Air QualitySigns That You Need to Adjust the Humidity in Your Home

There is a lot more than temperature to consider if you really hope to live as comfortably as possible in your home. You must also take into account such factors as the humidity level in your living space. Striking the right balance when it comes to humidity is a must if you want to maintain great Indoor Air Quality as well as a comfortable feeling environment throughout your house. There are a number of factors which may lead to the air in your home being either too humid or not humid enough, and neither scenario is desirable. Work with a member of the G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc. team to balance the humidity in your home North Seattle home.

Signs That the Air in Your Home is Too Humid

Very humid air can result in serious discomfort. If the air in your home is too humid, then your air conditioner may have trouble cooling your home effectively during the summer. You may also notice that it is costing more and more to cool your home throughout the season. This is because very humid air holds heat more effectively than dryer air will. It can also hold airborne pollutants, as well, meaning that allergy or asthma sufferers may be particularly uncomfortable in humid environments. The ill effects of humid air do not stop there, though.

It is also possible for very humid air in your home to damage your property itself. Wooden floorboards or fixtures may rot or warp, and you may find water staining throughout the house. You can also fall victim to the proliferation of mold throughout your home, as such biological pollutants thrive in humid conditions. Using a whole-house dehumidifier is the best way in which to dry out the air to an appropriate level.

Is the Air in Your Home Too Dry?

Having too little humidity in the air in your living space is no better than having too much. Very dry air can cause paint to chip, wallpaper to crack, and wooden furniture to split. It can also increase the occurrence of annoying and potentially damaging static shocks. You may also find that your skin is dry and itchy, and even that you have frequent sore throats or nosebleeds. Our technicians can outfit your home with a great whole-house humidifier in order to overcome such issues, so contact us today to schedule service.


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