Indoor Air QualityTake Advantage of a Great Promotion: How Is Your Home Performing?

When you think of high performance systems, you may think of car engines or your heating and cooling equipment. It is important that you think of your home itself as a system at large too, though, and that this system is able to perform at peak performance levels. If you are at all unsure about the overall performance quality of your home, and with the ductwork that you use to distribute conditioned air throughout that space, give us a call. We can complete a home and duct performance test service for you, and you can save $100 with this promotion!

We’ll Find Your Home’s Weak Spots!

An energy audit is a comprehensive evaluation of your home’s thermal envelope. The precise methodology of an energy audit may vary, depending upon any given home’s specific needs. The blower door test is a powerful tool in determining if your home is performing at peak levels. Basically, we’ll seal up all of your doors, windows, chimney flue, etc. We’ll then attach a powerful fan to an egress in your home. We use that fan to essentially depressurize your home, and we’ll use different methods to figure out where there are leaks in your home. A simple smoke pencil is a common detection tool. Once we’ve found the weak spots, we can go about advising you about your best course of action.

Duct testing is another important service included in this great promotion. Essentially, it is much the same as a blower door test, but on a smaller scale. We’ll seal off your vents and pressurize (in some cases, depressurize) your air ducts. The air in your home may be pressurized with the aforementioned blower door fan, and pressure within your ductwork balanced. From there, we’ll measure changes in the pressure level in order to determine if your ductwork is compromised.

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