Indoor Air QualityWhat Problems Are Uncovered during Duct Testing?

When a heating and air conditioning system doesn’t seem to operate quite as well as it once did, it may not be because of a flaw in the AC or heating unit itself. Sometimes, trouble with the HVAC unit is actually due to problems in the ductwork, an often neglected portion of your central heating and air conditioning system. The ducts should provide an efficient pathway for conditioned air to travel through, but this can only happen if the ducts are in top shape. And if not, you may notice hot or cold spots around the house, poor performance, or even HVAC equipment failure as it becomes overworked.

If you schedule duct testing with a trained technician, you may uncover a few different problems that need repair. And after the proper repairs are made, you could save hundreds of dollars on your heating and air conditioning bills every year! Call G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc. for duct testing in Stanwood.

  • Leaks and Cracks – Unfortunately, a majority of ducts in the United States have small or large leaks and cracks that can add up to a very inefficient system. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that the average home loses up to 30% of its heating and cooling potential to the ducts due to ductwork is leaking, poorly insulated, or collapsed. These holes are difficult for the average homeowner to spot, and duct tape is not a suitable sealant. Technicians have the proper equipment for testing and sealing the right way.
  • Repair Needs – There may be larger problems among your ductwork that could actually require some large-scale repairs. In some cases, you’ll need to replace large portions of the ductwork if it’s collapsing, severely dented, or installed in an inefficient location. The results of the duct testing should bring to light any problem areas that may require immediate attention as they are raising your heating and cooling costs significantly.
  • Poor Indoor Air Quality – Leaky ducts may lead to poor air quality if the holes in the ducts allow the blower fan to draw in contaminants from the indoor air or from a crawlspace and move it through the vents.

G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc. offers comprehensive duct testing in Stanwood from technicians who pride themselves on the quality of their work.


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