Indoor Air QualityWhy Have My Ducts Professionally Cleaned?

The simplest answer to the question posed in this post is because it is not a job that a nonprofessional can handle. We will get into more specifics below, of course, but the bottom line is that the average homeowner is not going to have the training and experience necessary to safely access his or her air ducts. He or she will not have the right tools for cleaning out the ducts, either. This is not a job that your handheld vacuum or a roll of paper towels and some vinegar can handle. Contact us to have your air ducts cleaned out thoroughly and properly.

But Why Worry About Dirty Ducts in the First Place?

When you are tidying up for company to come over, vacuuming and dusting, you obviously are not going to be concerned with the overall cleanliness within your air ducts. Cleaning out your air ducts is not something that is done for aesthetic purposes. It is something that is done because it can benefit you in a number of different, concrete ways.

When pollutants build up in your ductwork, they may work themselves free and wind up being distributed throughout your home via your air ducts. That can wreak havoc on your Indoor Air Quality throughout the house. By cleaning out your aid ducts every few years, as necessary, we can help you to breathe cleaner air in your home.

Additionally, you should remember that pollutants like dust and dirt building up in your ductwork can negatively affect the overall performance of your HVAC system. Those pollutants can lead to frequently clogged filters, build up on sensitive components within the system, and increase strain on the system as a whole.

By using tools such as agitators and powerful industrial vacuums, we can loosen the pollutants built up in your ductwork, and remove them without making a mess in the process. Contact us today for more information about professional duct cleaning in Lake Stevens, WA.

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