Indoor Air QualityWhy Use an Air Cleaner or Purifier?

blowing-nosePollution is a problem that we’ve all heard about, and we’ve all seen photos from different parts of the world — or even our own country — where smog is high and air quality is very, very low at points. A lot of homeowners think of their living spaces as being havens from such issues, but the fact of the matter is that Indoor Air Quality is actually often worse than the air quality outdoors! Don’t worry too much, though, because we can help.

Our Indoor Air Quality technicians install and service various air cleaners and air purifiers in North Seattle, WA. Whatever the particular situation in your home may call for, we’ve got you covered. We also have the training and expertise necessary for determining precisely what that particular situation calls for to begin with. If you are concerned about the air that you’re breathing in your home, contact a member of our team today.

Air Filtration Is a Good First Step, But —

Using air filters can be an effective way in which to boost Indoor Air Quality throughout one’s home. In many cases, though, a more active approach is needed to resolve the problem. Residential air conditioning and heating systems cannot accommodate many of the very efficient air filters on the market, as they will produce too much airflow resistance to work well with those systems. So what’s the next step?

A good electronic air cleaner is certainly looking into. Rather than simply filtering the air as it passes through the system, an electronic air cleaner will use an ionization process in order to give pollutants in the air an electric charge. Those pollutants are attracted to oppositely charged collector plates, and are trapped on them. Then, those plates are simply removed by the homeowner for occasional, convenient cleaning.

What About Living Pollutants?

Okay, so you can either filter dust and dirt out of your home when you notice that there are airborne pollutants in your living space (dust, dirt, etc.). What about issues with frequent illness or the development of mold, which suggest problems with biological pollutants, though? This is a much trickier situation. You cannot simply filter these pollutants out of the air, as they are generally too small for residential systems to handle. Even trapping them with an electronic air purifier is not a good approach, because they can continue to reproduce.

The solution to this is to use a UV air purifier. UV air purifiers use UV (ultraviolet) light in order to destroy the living pollutants that threaten your health and your property. Don’t worry, UV light is safe for you and your family — unless you forget the sunblock at the beach. These systems confine it to your ductwork, anyway, so there is no risk of exposure. For these pesky single-celled organisms, though, the UV light is a devastating force that they just cannot contend with.

Let G & S Heating Cooling & Electric help you to boost the quality of the air throughout your entire living space. 


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