Indoor Air QualityWhy Would I Hire Someone to Clean My Air Ducts?

As a homeowner, you are probably used to hiring professional HVAC technicians to maintain and repair your heating and cooling systems. What you may not have done yet, though, is hire a professional technician to clean your ductwork. At first glance, that may in fact sound like a strange thing to do. Why would one care if their ductwork was dirty, anyway? Well, in truth, there are a number of different ways in which dirty ductwork can negatively impact you, your comfort, and your HVAC system. Read the following information, and remember that we are the company to call for professional duct cleaning in Everett, WA. Should you have reason to suspect that your air ducts are dirty within, the technicians at G & S Heating Cooling & Electric will resolve the problem. 

Protect Your Air Quality

One of the most compelling reasons for scheduling professional duct cleaning services is the fact that this is a great way in which to help maintain great Indoor Air Quality throughout your home. When dirt and dust build up in your ductwork, the air that passes through that ductwork can pick up those pollutants en route. When that happens, your ductwork and HVAC system can then conspire to deliver pollutants throughout your entire home, rather than clean, conditioned air as intended.

Protect Heating and Cooling Efficiency

If your ductwork is dirty, it can negatively impact the overall efficiency with which your HVAC system operates. No, you aren’t going to develop clogs large enough to block off entire air ducts. What can happen, though, is that pollutants can build up on your air filters and sensitive components of the HVAC system, after being picked up in the ductwork. Then, your system will struggle to heat or cool your home with the efficiency it otherwise would.

Protect Your Comfort

Reduced energy efficiency isn’t the only negative impact that dirty ductwork will have on your HVAC system. In fact, it can impede the overall performance quality of that system as well. Reduced airflow can lead to icing on the system, for instance, and increased resistance can make it difficult for your system to heat or cool your entire home evenly. Don’t pay more for a weaker performance from your AC. Work with our duct cleaning pros instead.


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