InsulationWhy You Need the Right Amount of Insulation

Homeowners have a lot on their plates when it comes to keeping their homes comfortable throughout the year. You must have a reliable air conditioner and an effective heater, and they must be professionally installed and serviced. However, many homeowners overlook one vital piece of the comfort puzzle: their insulation. If you do not have the right amount of insulation in your home, or if that insulation is not of the right efficiency, measured in R-values, then there is just no way in which you can hope to live in the comprehensive comfort that you deserve. We’ve put together some information regarding the need for proper insulation in Everett, WA. Contact G & S Heating Cooling & Electric with any questions that you may have. 

Maintain High Energy Efficiency

Some homeowners mistakenly think that insulation is only important when trying to keep their homes warm during the winter season. In fact, your insulation benefits you all year long. Its job is not exactly to keep a space warm. Instead, insulation inhibits unwanted heat transfer in both directions. This means that it prevents heat from getting into your home during the summer, as well as out during the winter. Without the right amount of insulation, you will not be able to stop this heat transfer. The result will be higher heating and cooling costs.

Prevent Unnecessary Wear and Tear

If you allow for excessive heat transfer into and out of your home, then your HVAC system will have to work overtime in order to maintain comfortable temperatures therein. As a result, your heating and cooling systems will suffer a lot of unnecessary wear and tear. Over time, this can lead to serious degradation of important system components.

Keep Indoor Air Quality High

While it may not be its primary function, insulation actually does serve to help keep Indoor Air Quality high. This is especially true in older homes, which are often not as tightly sealed in the envelope as newer residences are. If you don’t have the right amount of insulation in your home, pollutants may be able to pass right through gaps in your home’s envelope. Contact us today to have you insulation service needs met by a trained professional.


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