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Can I Use the Ground to Cool My Home?

Monday, May 21st, 2018

geothermal-diagramIt sounds strange, doesn’t it? Wind, maybe. Water? Possibly. But the ground? How could that even work? The answer is with heat pump technology (which also means that you can use the ground to heat your home, too!). More specifically, we are talking about ground-source heat pumps or, as they are more commonly referred to, geothermal systems. The concepts are actually fairly basic, though the systems themselves are very complex.

There is a lot to be gained with the use of a geothermal system, but you absolutely must work with qualified technicians that are extensively trained in the design and installation of these systems. It’s a big job to get one in place, and working with our team means that you will reap the full benefits of an outstanding geothermal heat pump in Lynnwood, WA. So read on, consider the many benefits that geothermal systems have to offer, and contact us with any questions that you may have.

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Ready for a New AC? Then Definitely Consider a Heat Pump!

Monday, May 7th, 2018

red-therrmometerWashington is not necessarily known for intensely hot summer weather, but it doesn’t have to regular hit the triple digits to mean that it is uncomfortably hot outside. Even here in the PNW, a great air conditioning system is a must for homeowners looking to live comfortably throughout the entire year. The good news is that the pros on our staff are here to outfit your home with a quality air conditioning system, either as a brand new installation in a new property or as a replacement for your older system.

Before you rush into buying a new central air conditioner, however, we recommend that you take a few moments to really familiarize yourself with the options out there. You may just find that there is a system that suits your needs and personal user preferences even better than the tried and true central AC. While these are obviously great systems, using a heat pump in Snohomish, WA is also something that you should seriously consider. Heat pumps have a couple of added benefits that you’d be remiss to overlook.

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Heat Your Home Efficiently with a Heat Pump

Monday, December 4th, 2017

hot-and-cold-homesThere is a lot to love about the Pacific Northwest, from our sweeping mountain views to our vibrant cities and neighborhoods. One other part of life in the PNW that many people enjoy is the fact that our winters are relatively mild. No, not as mild as, say, Arizona’s, but we are not going to see extreme cold the way that they do in Minnesota or Vermont. Even so, you are definitely going to need a great heater installed in your home.

There is a world of difference between “relatively mild” and “comfortable,” after all. Because of our particular climate, the heat pump is actually an ideal solution for people in this area looking to heat their homes in an efficient manner. If you are thinking about replacing your heater this winter (or, for that matter, your air conditioner this summer) then you should definitely be adding the heat pump to your shortlist. Read on to learn more about how a heat pump in Shoreline, WA can benefit you.

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Don’t Forget About Your Ductless Mini Split Tune-Up!

Monday, February 13th, 2017

ductless-min-splitThere is no way that you’ve not heard about how important routine heating and cooling maintenance is if you’ve been following this blog at all. The long and short of it is this. Your heating and air conditioning systems will never function as well, reliably, or efficiently as possible if you fail to schedule routine maintenance service. Now, that’s all well and good, but what happens when you use just one system throughout the entire year? We’ll tell you what should happen. You should schedule routine maintenance for it twice!

A system that is functioning as a heater and as an air conditioner, such as your ductless mini split, is doing the twice the amount of work that a designated heater or AC system would be doing. If you fail to schedule ductless mini split tune-ups twice a year, that is the equivalent of scheduling furnace maintenance only every other year. You are really just asking for trouble if this is the attitude that you take. Contact us if you have any questions, or to schedule ductless mini split services in Everett, WA.

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Heat Pump FAQ: What Does “Invertor” Mean?

Monday, August 22nd, 2016

We’ve mentioned many times that the Pacific Northwest is really ideally suited for the use of heat pump technology. We get cold weather, but don’t have to contend with frequently subzero temperatures the way they do in, say, Maine or Vermont. With that in mind, there are certain types of heat pumps that can boost energy efficiency and performance levels beyond even that of the standard heat pump.

The invertor heat pump has made some changes to technology that can benefit homeowners, as well as the systems themselves, greatly. If you are thinking about a new HVAC system, a heat pump with invertor technology may be up your alley. Read on, and be sure to let us handle your heat pump services in Everett, WA.

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Signs of Trouble with Your Heat Pump

Monday, December 7th, 2015

The winter weather in Washington is not nearly as intense as in, say, Minnesota. Our weather is actually ideal for the use of a heat pump, which transfers existing heat from the air outdoors into the interior, rather than generating new heat, in order to warm one’s home. Heat pumps are thus very efficient, and have really surged in popularity throughout the area. Like any other heating system, though, heat pumps are far from perfect. If you notice any signs of trouble with your heat pump in Everett, WA, contact a member of our staff right away. The sooner that any potential problems are resolved, the better. G & S Heating Cooling & Electric is the company to call for exceptional heat pump services.

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What Is a Reversing Valve?

Tuesday, December 1st, 2015

Here in the Pacific Northwest, a lot of homeowners choose to heat and cool their homes with one simple system: the heat pump. Heat pumps are renowned for their incredible energy efficiency when heating a home, and they are also capable of reversing their operation in order to double as effective air conditioners during the cooling season. If you are curious as to how these systems are able to achieve this home comfort wizardry, you need look no further than a component called the reversing valve. If you are thinking about using a heat pump in Everett, WA, be sure that you schedule your heat pump services with trained professionals. You need only call upon G & S Heating Cooling & Electric to do so.

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How Does a Heat Pump Work, Anyway?

Tuesday, November 24th, 2015

Chances are that, if you’ve been following our helpful blog at all, you’ve heard us expound upon the virtues of the heat pump at some point. Time and time again we’ve explained just how efficient these systems are, how convenient they are, and how they are perfectly suited for our climate here in the Pacific Northwest. While you may remember the virtues of the heat pump, though, you may not fully grasp how it is that a heat pump operates. If you’ve been thinking about using a heat pump in Everett, WA, you should have a basic understanding of its operation. We’ve provide a description below. Contact G & S Heating Cooling & Electric for all of your heat pump service needs.

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Why Is My Heat Pump Still Blowing Cold Air?

Wednesday, November 18th, 2015

Because the Pacific Northwest boasts an ideal climate for the use of heat pumps, many homeowners in this area choose to use heat pumps in order to keep their homes comfortable throughout the entire year. While heat pumps make for great air conditioners, the efficiency with which they are capable of heating homes throughout the winter season is definitely a major selling point. What should you do if your heat pump in Everett, WA doesn’t seem to want to accept the fact that summer is over, though? There are a few different reasons as to why your heat pump may not switch over to its heating mode. Read the following information, and contact G & S Heating Cooling & Electric to schedule any heat pump services that you may need.

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Choosing the Right Heat Pump for Your Home

Monday, November 16th, 2015

If you are in the market for a new HVAC system, but you are not familiar with heat pumps, then you should definitely do a bit of homework before deciding upon what type of system you’ll use in order to keep your home comfortable throughout the year. When you opt to do so with a heat pump, after all, you can use just one system all year long, heating and cooling your home with the very same equipment. Just remember that there are different heat pumps available, and that you should always explore all of your options before making any decisions regarding the purchase of a heat pump in Everett, WA. Read on, and feel free to contact G & S Heating Cooling & Electric with any questions that you may have. 

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