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HVAC Efficiency Tips for Year-Round Savings

Monday, January 15th, 2018

temperature-just-rightEveryone wants to be comfortable in their own homes, and in this day and age, with so many great heating and air conditioning systems available, that is a very achievable goal. However,  there is more to consider than just how effective your HVAC system is. You want to heat and cool your home effectively,  obviously, but you also want to do so in the most efficient manner possible. Today, we have some tips that will help you to enjoy greater efficiency.

The Everett, WA HVAC pros on our team are happy to assist you with any HVAC installation, maintenance, or repair services that you may need. At the end of the day,  the condition of your HVAC system is definitely one of the most important factors in terms of how efficiently your HVAC system is able to operate. Trust our team to keep your system in fine working condition. And now, without further ado, your HVAC efficiency tips await.

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HVAC FAQ: Is It Time for an Energy Audit?

Monday, January 1st, 2018

efficient-homeIt is vitally important that you are able to both heat and cool your home effectively. In this day and age, with so many great heaters, air conditioners, thermostats, etc. on the market, there is really no excuse for tolerating subpar comfort in your home. Of course, keeping your house comfortable year-round is one thing. Doing so in the most efficient manner possible is another one entirely. There are many reasons why efficiency may be low in your home, and our team is here to help.

Our Everett, WA HVAC pros are extensively trained and have plenty of experience in pinpointing the sources of inefficiency in our clients’ homes. When we complete your energy audit, we’ll be able to provide you with the information necessary for taking strides toward greater efficiency in your home. Keep more money in your budget by scaling back on your energy costs due to this type of inefficiency. Contact us if you think that it’s time for an energy audit.

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Heat Your Home Efficiently with a Heat Pump

Monday, December 4th, 2017

hot-and-cold-homesThere is a lot to love about the Pacific Northwest, from our sweeping mountain views to our vibrant cities and neighborhoods. One other part of life in the PNW that many people enjoy is the fact that our winters are relatively mild. No, not as mild as, say, Arizona’s, but we are not going to see extreme cold the way that they do in Minnesota or Vermont. Even so, you are definitely going to need a great heater installed in your home.

There is a world of difference between “relatively mild” and “comfortable,” after all. Because of our particular climate, the heat pump is actually an ideal solution for people in this area looking to heat their homes in an efficient manner. If you are thinking about replacing your heater this winter (or, for that matter, your air conditioner this summer) then you should definitely be adding the heat pump to your shortlist. Read on to learn more about how a heat pump in Shoreline, WA can benefit you.

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Is Your Heater Ready for Winter?

Monday, November 6th, 2017

chilly-manCertain areas of the country really get nailed hard during the winter season, with heavy snowfalls and temperatures that regularly plummet below the freezing level. When all is said and done, our winter weather here in the Pacific Northwest is fairly mild. For those of you that think this means that your heater is not really that important, though, a rude wake-up call is likely not too far off. We can help you get your heater into fighting shape.

Your heater may not get the workout that it would in Vermont or Minnesota, but it is going to have a lot of work to do during the winter season regardless. If you are serious about ensuring that your heater is able to do that work as effectively and efficiently as possible, then you need to schedule a heating tune-up in Mukilteo, WA — and not just once, either. Heating maintenance is an annual necessity that you should be scheduling each and every year. 

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Furnaces: Gas vs. Electric

Monday, September 25th, 2017

servicing-furnaceWe are definitely moving out of the hottest time of the year, and it will not be long before we turn to our heating systems regularly to help keep our homes warm. Now is the time to be scheduling your furnace maintenance services, and to handle any necessary furnace repair in Everett, WA. If you are thinking about having a new heating system installed before the chilliest weather of the year really arrives, then it is definitely time to get that project underway. Replacing a heater is a major investment, though, so don’t rush into anything.

Even if you know that you’d like to use a furnace to heat your home, you still have some decisions to make. Mainly, are you going to be using a gas or an electric furnace to heat your living space. Like any other heating system, furnaces of any design have their pros and cons. Consider the following information, and be sure to reach out with any questions that you may have regarding your furnace selection. We have the answers that you need to choose your furnace confidently.

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Thinking About Replacing Your Heater?

Monday, September 11th, 2017

service-timeThe fact that our winters are somewhat mild compared to those in other parts of the country should not lull you into a false sense of security. If your existing heater is in no shape to handle another heating season, you are going to want to have that system replaced before the onset of winter strikes. What about those instances in which the heater is not on the brink of disaster, though? After all, it is always best to replace your heating system before a complete and total breakdown.

Before we really reach the point where our heaters are needed regularly, we suggest that you give the following information some serious thought. We are not trying to rush into the purchasing of a new heater, and the fact is that our technicians are skilled in keeping heaters up and running as long as possible. Just because your heater in Everett, WA can be kept going, however, does not mean that it should be.

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Time for a New Heater? Consider a Gas Furnace

Monday, February 27th, 2017

furnaceChances are that you are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the spring season. Well, it’s going to be a while before things really start to warm up, and longer yet before the time comes to switch on your air conditioning system. Truth be told, your heater is going to be in action for the immediate future. Now that we are at least approaching the end of the heating season, though, it’s a good time to think about how your heater performed this year.

Now, if you failed to schedule the routine heating maintenance that your system needs to succeed, then you really cannot blame a subpar heating performance on anyone other than yourself. If, however, your heater failed to meet your expectations despite having been tuned up and repaired as needed, then it may be time to consider a replacement. If so, you should give some serious thought to using a gas furnace in Marysville, WA.

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Are There Cold Spots in Your Home?

Wednesday, February 15th, 2017

As we move deeper into February, many homeowners are doubtlessly looking forward to the arrival of Spring. It may be just around the corner, but remember that the heating season is going to be sticking around for a number of weeks yet to come. Don’t ignore any signs of trouble with your home heating system, or it could break down before the warmer weather gets here. Remember too, though, any certain problems you are experiencing when heating your home could carry over into the summer season as you try to cool it.

If you have cold spots in your home, there are certain issues that could relate directly to your heater in Everett, WA. Others could have to do with components shared by the AC, though, or even with the structure of your home itself. Here are a few potential causes of those pesky cold spots.

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Do You Smell Burning in Your Home?

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

Assuming that you haven’t just left the oven on a little to long, any burning odor coming from within your home could indicate a seriously dangerous situation. Don’t wait for smoke to billow or fires to break out before doing something about it. A burning odor could mean that there is a problem with your heating or electrical system.

Of course, there’s really no way for you to know for certain where this burning odor originates. That is why you are wise to contact our team when such odors present themselves. We excel in heating and electrical services in Lake Stevens, WA, and we’ll get to the bottom of the problem and resolve it entirely.

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What Should I Do with My AC Unit Over the Winter Season?

Tuesday, November 29th, 2016

It is a question that we are often asked as winter creeps closer each year. “What should I do with my AC unit over the winter?” If you use a heat pump, then you don’t have to worry about this because you’ll be using the same system to heat your home in the winter as you do to cool your home in the summer. For those using designated central air conditioners, though, it is something to consider. 

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