Thermostat3 Signs of Trouble with Your Thermostat

Many components in your HVAC system are largely hidden from view, such as the bulk of your ductwork. Others you simply have no cause to interact with directly, such as your compressor. However, there is one vital component of your HVAC system that you have some face to face time with most days, and which must not be underestimated; we are speaking, of course, of your thermostat. Your thermostat in Everett, WA, is one of the most important pieces of HVAC equipment that you have in your home, and it is surely the one that you directly interact with the most. That is why it is so important that your thermostat is kept in fine working condition. Contact G & S Heating Cooling & Electric if you suspect any problems with your thermostat.

  1. Trouble Achieving Desired Temperature: If you set your thermostat for a specific temperature, and realize much later in the day that this temperature was never reached, then you likely have a problem with your thermostat. Now, we should note that you cannot expect to set the temperature to unrealistic levels on a particularly hot or cold day, only for your system to reach that level in a timely fashion. When used within reason, though, your thermostat should certainly be able to accommodate your temperature settings.
  2. Problems Maintaining Set Temperatures: If you cannot reach the desired temperature in your home, the problem could lie with any number of components in your HVAC system. That being said, if you notice that temperatures are fluctuating a lot throughout the house, but you are not adjusting them at all, there is a  good chance that your thermostat is to blame. It may not be reading temperatures properly, and is making improper adjustments as a result.
  3. Burning Odor or Warm to the Touch: All electronics generate heat as they run. If you notice a burning odor coming from your thermostat, if it is warm to the touch, or if you see black scorch marks on it, though, there is definitely a serious problem at play. Let us diagnose and resolve it for you.


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