ThermostatWhat Can a Smart Thermostat Do for My Home?

Smart thermostats are all the rage in the HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) industry today, as more and more homeowners switch over to a more efficient, “smarter” way of controlling their heating and AC systems. You might have seen smart thermostats advertised on TV, on the web, or in print recently, but you still may feel as though your existing thermostat works just fine and that a replacement would be costly. Thermostats may run into trouble over time, but you don’t have to wait for this to occur before purchasing a new unit. Smart thermostats can help make your family more comfortable, save you money and time, and give you peace of mind over the state of your system from day to day.

A smart thermostat is mounted on the wall just like any other thermostat, but it can also be controlled wirelessly—with your smart phone or tablet. Simply download an application (or view a website on any computer with internet access) and you can view the current conditions in the home and make some adjustments to the programming. Coming home late from your dentist appointment? Delay the heater for another hour to avoid paying for excessive energy usage. Bringing your kids home early from school? Tap into the system right before you pick them up so that the perfect temperatures are waiting for them upon arrival.

Smart thermostats reduce energy use by allowing you to see which times of day your unit consumes the most energy and learning to adjust to the most efficient temperature while you’re away and while you’re home. This is a great step in “going green” and using as few fossil fuels as possible without upgrading your system entirely. Furthermore a smart thermostat learns your patterns and preferences, usually within a week. Eventually, it will automatically adjust to the most efficient temperature while you’re away, after you’ve programmed it for several days. And don’t worry about changing the settings when you’re home early unexpectedly; a smart thermostat can usually differentiate between permanent changes in your habits and temporary adjustments for an unexpected occurrence.

We can install it in the most efficient location possible and make sure it is wired properly as we have years of experience setting up all kind of thermostats in Redmond and the surrounding areas.

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