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Ductless air conditioning isn’t a new development in HVAC technology, although it is new to many homeowners. These systems started out as solutions for the air conditioning problems in restaurants, but their many advantages have moved over to the residential sector now.

Ductless ACs work through a similar “split system” as standard ducted systems: there is an outside unit, and it connects to an indoor unit that distributes the conditioned air. However, instead of a single indoor cabinet, a ductless system uses multiple smaller blower units are mounted throughout the house and which direct the cooled air straight into the rooms—no ductwork required. These systems are also heat pumps, which means they can heat as well as cool.

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Is a ductless mini split heat pump ideal for your house?

For all the advantages that ductless systems offer (zone control cooling and heating, lower utility bills, no issues with air quality due to ductwork), they aren’t perfect for every home. For example, if you have a house with an extensive ductwork system already in place, then a ductless heat pump may be redundant.

However, there are situations where a ductless system has major advantages for a home. One of them is for houses that are old or historic, and which never had ducts or even the room to add them in the first place. For these homes, the only options for ACs used to be inefficient window units. Ductless mini splits allow these houses to have central air conditioning (and heating) without damaging their walls with expensive ventilation shafts.

If you are planning to remodel your home, then you should consider the advantages of a ductless system. With a ductless mini split heat pump, you can bypass the size-consuming ducts and have more freedom to plan the re-design as you want. This is even more important if you are building a new home: with ducts removed entirely from the blueprints, you’ll have more space and more opportunities.

Finally, ductless systems are good for add-on rooms. Instead of hooking the additonal room to the ductwork and possibly needing to install a new AC to accommodate the increase in size, simply connect a ductless mini split to the room so it has its own climate controls.

Always consult with the experts

If you are experiencing difficulty making a final choice about ductless air conditioning in Everett, WA, call G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc. We will be happy to look over your house and find the best way to heat and cool it, whether it involves ducts or not.


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