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Insulation is a really big part of making your home as energy efficient and comfortable as possible. Though you may never see it under normal circumstances, you should devote special attention to getting your insulation checked on a semi-regular basis. Where is insulation actually required in order to do the most good, though? Let’s take a look at some of the places where it is most important to have insulation in your home.


Remember, the point of insulation is to inhibit the transfer of heat. Heat will always attempt to move from areas of high concentration to areas of low concentration. In a house, those to areas will switch depending on the season. In summer, when it’s really hot outside, all that heat will attempt to enter the home where it’s cooler. In winter, the heat inside the home will constantly try to escape to the cold outside. Insulation inhibits this heat transfer, which means it should be installed in those areas that are otherwise the easiest for heat to move through. Exterior walls are some of the most important of these places. The better insulated the exterior walls of your home are, the harder it’s going to be for heat to actually enter or leave the home.

The Attic

The same rules hold true for the attic as for the exterior walls of your home. Along with moving to areas of low concentration, heat also has a tendency to rise. This makes the attic a prime location for heat transfer, especially for homes that use forced air systems as heaters. You’d be horrified to learn how many homes have excellent wall insulation, but still feel hot in summer and drafty in the winter because they have almost no insulation in their attics. If you don’t properly insulate the attic, you are leaving the entire house open to heat transfer in the most inconvenient ways.

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