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To say that we rely upon our electrical systems quite heavily in this day and age is to make a huge understatement. We depend upon our electrical systems for countless tasks throughout the day, not the least of which is illuminating our property. If you are serious about going about your days uninterrupted and unimpeded due to problems with your electrical system, you are wise to take any issues with that system very seriously. Something like flickering lights in Everett, WA, for example, may strike some homeowners as being nothing more than a minor annoyance. In truth, though, this could be indicative of a very serious problem with your electrical system.

Is the Bulb Loose?

Sometimes, homeowners are fortunate enough to learn that the simplest explanation of a problem is the right one. Before you go contacting a professional electrician to resolve problems causing your light to flicker, just double check to make sure that the bulb is screwed in tightly so that it has a good contact. It sounds obvious,  but it is easy to overlook such a possibility when you grow concerned about a situation. Of course, if every light in your home is flickering, this isn’t likely to be the case.

Is the Fixture to Blame?

In some instances, the problem with the flickering light may actually be the result of a faulty electrical fixture. If your fixture is of a low quality, or if it was damaged during installation, it may be holding the bulb loosely, or have a compromised electrical contact. Replacing the fixture may be necessary to successfully light up your home.

Is it the Wiring?

Probably the most serious issue that may result in flickering lights is bad wiring. If you have bad wiring in just one area, or if your entire home is full of degraded wiring, rewiring services may be in your near future. Damaged or otherwise compromised wiring can lead to issues like arc faults, which are a serious fire risk. Pay attention to things like flickering lights in your home, lest you encounter much more serious problems unexpectedly.


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