UncategorizedWhy Consider Upgrading My Thermostat with Heating Installation?

When you replace your heating system for whatever reason, you tend to only replace the central unit, right? You don’t tear out the ducts, or install a new gas line (unless you’re switching fuel types). Why, then, should you install a new thermostat when the old one works just fine? Well, the simple answer is that a newer thermostat can help your heating system in multiple ways, from efficiency to comfort. Let’s dig into a few details regarding thermostat upgrades, and why you should consider them.

New Functions

Old manual thermostats (and even some early digital ones) were basically limited to two settings: on and off. That’s all well and good for people who don’t mind a trip across the house every time it gets chilly, but a better way has been available for years now. Newer thermostats are capable of all sorts of different functions. They can be set to regulate themselves, maintaining different temperatures at different times of the day and even different days of the week. If you know you’re going to be cold in the morning, you can set your thermostat to start heating the house before you wake up. You can even tell the thermostat to shut off overnight, in order to save money.


Newer thermostats have more to offer than simple new functions. Advances in sensor technology have made thermostats much more accurate at measuring temperatures. Older thermostats, which often used sensors as rudimentary as a mercury ampule, were notorious for poorly regulating the temperature across the house. As they could only sense the temperature in a very small area around themselves, they often created hot and cold spots by running the heater at odd intervals. Newer thermostats are much more adept at detecting small changes in temperature, giving them finer control over the temperature in the house. This saves money by only turning the heater on when it is actually needed, instead of running it for too long or too short.

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