Water HeaterIs It Time for Water Heater Repairs?

When it comes to the appliances that you use in your home, the water heater just may be at the top of the list. This isn’t to say that it is necessarily the most important, of course. All of the appliances in your home serve an important purpose. However, your water heater in Everett, WA is certainly one of, if not the, most hardest working of these appliances. From doing the dishes to washing your hands and cleaning your whites in the laundry machine, hot water plays an integral role in your day to day life. It is precisely for this reason that you must schedule any necessary water heater repairs immediately.

Signs That Your Water Heater is Struggling

If you hope to schedule prompt water heater repairs when your water heater is indeed in trouble, then you must first learn to recognize the signs that your water heater may be compromised. It’s not all that difficult, provided that you know what to look out for. Keep the following tips in mind.

  • A spike in your utility costs could mean that your water heater is damaged or compromised in some way. This may be your gas or electricity costs, depending upon what type of water heater you use. If your water heater is not functioning properly, then it can require more energy in order to do its job. Of course, this is not the only system that could lead to such spiked, so a professional diagnosis is needed.
  • Leaks or corrosion could also be a serious concern with your water heater. In the case of a leak, the severity of the problem may depend upon its location. A leaking valve or pipe can likely be repaired, whereas a leaky tank would require a replacement. Water exposure leads to corrosion, so rust on the system could indicate a leak, even if you cannot readily see it.
  • Tepid water temperatures are perhaps the most obvious sign of trouble with your water heater. If your water just isn’t heating up to the level that you’d like, there could be a thermostat issue, or even a fuel combustion problem. Whatever the root of the problem is, we’ll discover and resolve it.

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