Water HeaterIssues That You May Encounter with a Tank Water Heater

It is no fluke that tank water heaters have remained so popular, in spite of newer technologies such as tankless water heaters. The tank water heater is a power house, can be fueled by propane, natural gas, electricity, or even solar energy, and keeps a supply of hot water at the ready. As reliable, efficient, and long-lasting as modern tank water heaters may be, though, the fact remains that there is no such thing as a perfect water heater. All mechanical systems, your tank water heater in Everett, WA included, will encounter operational problems at some point. Below are a few examples of issues that you may encounter. If and when you need professional tank water heater repairs, make G & S Heating Cooling & Electric the company you call.

Cold or Tepid Water

Perhaps the first issue you’d think of in terms of water heater problems is, of course, a lack of hot water. There are a few reasons as to why you may not have any hot water, or water that is not hot enough, coming from your tank water heater. The best possible outcome is that the temperature setting on the water heater is incorrect. Check this, and adjust as needed. If your water is still too cold, you may have a probelm with your burner assembly or electric heating elements.

Water Leaks

You definitely don’t want to run into leaks in your storage tank. Should you notice any pooling of water around your system, or if there is a lot of rust indicating a leak, then a new tank may be necessary. There is really no way in which to solve a problem with a leaky tank. However, leaky pipes or other components can certainly be repaired or replaced, as needed.

Strange Sounds

Your water heater is not going to work silently. That being said, you should take note of any alarming or unfamiliar sounds coming from the system during operation. If you hear a popping or banging, for instance, it may be the result of hard water buildups heating up in the tank. A boiling sound is the result of overheating, which can be dangerous. Call us at the first sign of trouble.


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