Water HeaterTank or Tankless: Which Is Right for Me?

While you may know someone who is a strong supporter of either tank or tankless water heaters, you should keep in mind that any water heater is going to have its own pros and cons. Both tank and tankless water heaters are fine systems; ultimately, which is right for your home is going to depend upon both your hot water needs and your user preferences. Below, you will find some information which should help you to determine which is better suited to your particular situation. When you are ready to invest in a new water heater in Everett, WA, make sure that you dial our number. G & S Heating Cooling & Electric is happy to ensure that you have a great water heating experience.

Tank Water Heaters

The tank water heater is probably the single system with which most homeowners are familiar. Tank water heaters may operate on a number of different fuels, including natural gas or electricity, as well as solar power when properly equipped. Tank water heaters always maintain a reservoir of hot water ready for use. This is greatly beneficial, as you can generally count on having the right amount of hot water ready for use in your home. It also allows you confidence when using hot water for a number of different purposes at one time. Tank water heaters are not without their drawbacks, though. You must have space to comfortably fit the tank in your home, and standby energy loss will result in some loss of efficiency, as heat transfers to the air surrounding the tank and must be replenished by the system.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters eliminate the risk of standby energy loss, as they do not use a storage tank in their operation at all. Instead, tankless water heaters simply heat the water that is needed, as it is needed, in an on-demand fashion. This means that they are quite compact and very efficient. However, a tankless water heater is more likely to struggle in the event that a lot of hot water is needed at once. To learn more about the pros and cons of each system, or to schedule tank or tankless water heater services of any kind, just contact a member of our staff.


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