Water HeaterTips for Using Your Water Heater Efficiently

For most people in this day and age, the idea of having to heat up water over an external heat source just to bathe or clean is pretty far removed from their reality. After all, one need only invest in a quality water heater in North Seattle in order to have a sufficient amount of hot water available almost instantaneously. However, it is important that your water heater heats water as efficiently as it does effectively.

Otherwise, you may find that using hot water in your home becomes too costly an affair. Here are a few tips from the water heater pros at G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc. to help you get the most efficient performance that your appliance has to offer. Contact us to schedule any water heater services that you may need.

  1. Insulate Your Tank: If you use a water heater with a storage tank on it, you should be aware of an issue called “standby energy loss.” Tank water heaters store a reservoir of heated water within. This is beneficial, as you will generally have a supply of hot water at the ready whenever you may need it. If your tank is not sufficiently insulated, though, you may find that a lot of the heat therein is transferring to the air outside. Effectively insulating your tank can help to boost water heating efficiency.
  2. Set Temperature Appropriately: The default temperature of some water heaters is far higher than you may require. Some water heaters are preset to temps as high as 140°. Generally speaking, 120° is as hot as most homeowners will prefer. Lowering the preset temperature in certain situations can help to protect your safety and to cut down on energy usage.
  3.  Schedule Routine Maintenance: There is no better way to keep your water heater in great working condition than with routine water heater maintenance. Your water heater is going to be put to a lot of heavy use. If you want it to continue functioning as effectively, efficiently, and reliably as possible, then professional water heater maintenance is a must. Call today to schedule service.


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