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Solar hot water heaters in Kenmore are virtually an unknown appliance.  The majority of people who know about solar panles are only aware of the photovoltaic panels which are wired into a household to supply electrical assistance to homes. These photovoltaic   solar panels are terrific for collecting electrical assistance, but they are not the only way households can take advantage of the free energy source, the sun. Solar water heaters are much simpler systems that cost less money than typical solar panels, and they can save you a significant amount of money on your electricity bills.

How Solar Hot Water Heaters Work

Solar hot water heater come in a few different sizes and shapes, but their overall functionality are generally the same. Solar collectors are placed on the roof of your home, hopefully facing south. Those collectors collect and amplify the energy of the sun and use it to heat water or coolant that is circulated through tubes or pipes in the collector. In a direct system, the water is then piped directly to your fixtures for use.

In the more common indirect system, coolant is piped back to a tank where water is heated through copper pipes and held for use later.

Advantages of Solar Hot Water Heating

The obvious advantage is cost. Because the system is almost entirely passive, you don’t pay for any electricity, and maintenance is minimal. The only real cost of a solar hot water system (after installation) is a once-every-two-years maintenance visit and a backup water heating supply for days when there is less sunlight.

Additionally, solar hot water heaters can be piped into a radiant heating system and used to supplement your boiler. The hot water generated by the solar collectors can be used in baseboard heaters, radiators, and even under-floor heating systems. While a much larger, more powerful system is needed to replace your entire heating system, the supplement can save you a lot of money in the summer and spring months.

Solar water heating is a very effective and affordable way to start using solar power immediately in your life. If you are considering installing some form of solar power, call G & S Heating, Cooling, & Electric.


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