Water HeaterYour Water Heater Must Be Appropriately Sized

There is a lot to consider if you are thinking about investing in a brand new water heater. There are various makes and models, for instance, with tank, tankless, heat pump, and solar water heaters all bringing something to the table. Aside from choosing precisely what type of water heater that you’ll use in your home, though, you must also be sure that you are investing in a water heater that is of the right size for your home and your hot water needs. If you really want to ensure that you have an appropriately sized water heater in Everett, WA, give us a call. 

Why Sizing Matters So Much

We use hot water for a lot of different purposes in our homes, each and every day. If you hope to have sufficient hot water for all of your needs, then your water heater must be of the right size. Sizing works differently with different water heaters, but the concept is the same. If your system is undersized, it is going to fail to provide you with the amount of hot water that you need in your home. A tankless water heater must be sized according to its flow rate and the maximum temperature that you’ll need, so that the system is able to keep up with heating the amount of water flowing through it at any given time. With a tank water heater, you need to know that you’ll have enough hot water on-hand in order to meet your needs. A well-calculated storage volume is a must.

While it’s obvious that an undersized water heater is problematic, you cannot overlook the problems that stem from an oversized water heater, either. First of all, you’ll be paying for a water heating capacity that you’ll never need. Plus, if your tank is oversized, you’re going to run into excessive standby energy loss, as the hot water just sits in the tank, and heat transfers out to the air surrounding it. You can avoid such issues entirely when you use a properly sized water heater in your home.

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