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Circuit Breaker Panels For Everett Homes

The circuit breaker panel in your home is a central point for your entire home’s electrical system. It’s also a safety device, designed to interrupt the power to a given circuit if the current starts to be too much for that circuit to handle. It prevents short circuits, fires, and other potentially hazardous electrical problems.

It’s important to have a circuit breaker panel that is up–to–date and in good working condition. If you see signs of degradation on your panel, such as burn marks or rust, or if the breakers get tripped very frequently, you should call in a professional to inspect the panel. Problems like these can not only be unsightly and a nuisance, they can reduce the efficiency of your electrical system and cause unsafe conditions.

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The Seattle metropolitan area electricians at G & S Heating, Cooling & Electric are always available to inspect your current breaker panel and perform any necessary service from breaker repair and replacement to new panel installation.

Circuit Breaker Panel Installation

Sometimes people will put off having work done in the home because of the time and inconvenience involved. Fortunately, replacing a circuit breaker panel is a relatively quick job. Depending on the condition of your electrical system and the extent of the installation to be done, putting in a new circuit breaker panel can take anywhere from a few hours to a day or so.

You can discuss the estimated length of the job with one of our electrical contractors in order to find a time to schedule the work that will be convenient. If a new panel is recommended, it should be done without delay, as a degraded circuit panel could cause a serious problem.

Circuit Breaker Panel Replacement

No matter how impatient you are or how simple you might think the job would be, replacing a circuit breaker panel is not the type of job that should be tackled by the average homeowner. Local regulations usually require this work to be done by a licensed electrician and the task can be a fairly complicated one.

The whole breaker box will have to be removed and replaced, as will most, if not all, of the breakers. Some of the wiring may need to be replaced, either due to degradation over time or as a matter of upgrading to correspond with the new panel. This may include wiring within your home at the site of the breaker panel, as well as wires coming in from the utility grid.

This work can be both complex and dangerous, and requires a degree of expertise and skill in order to be done safely and properly. Because of the risks and local codes involved, any circuit breaker panel work should be performed only by a highly skilled electrician.

Circuit Breaker Panel Service Experts

Whether you are building a new home or installing a new circuit breaker panel in your existing one, when it comes time for installation, call G & S. Our electricians have a long history of providing top–notch circuit breaker panel service in the Puget Sound area, so you can be sure the job will be done right.