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To Ensure Safety, Consider Upgrading Your Fuse Box

If your fuse box has become worn out or obsolete, it may be time for an upgrade. Fortunately, the signs of a degraded fuse box are pretty easy to detect. Rust or burn marks are signs that a fuse box may be reaching the end of its life, as are fuses that blow with increased frequency with no apparent cause. This can happen as a result of loose or degraded connections, which can happen over time.

If you’re considering replacing your fuse box, call G & S Heating, Cooling & Electric today to learn more about your options. Our Seattle metropolitan area electricians are on hand to handle all fuse box installations and upgrades.

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At the heart of every home electrical system is what is called a failsafe. This system interrupts power when necessary, to prevent certain circuits from getting overburdened and becoming a hazard. This is usually accomplished by means of a circuit breaker panel or fuse box, depending on the system. In either case, whenever the current to a circuit surges, the flow of electricity is interrupted.

With a fuse box, the metal strip inside the fuse melts when the current exceeds the amperage rating of the fuse, thereby disrupting the circuit. The fuse then needs to be replaced.

Fuse Box Inspections

As a homeowner, you know that routine maintenance is an important part of keeping the various systems of your home working properly. With your electrical system, that service includes inspections by a professional. During an annual inspection of your electrical system, a professional contractor will inspect your fuse box and identify any signs of damage or wear which may necessitate repair or an upgrade.

If it is in fact necessary to upgrade your fuse box, a professional inspection will allow the electrician to determine what type of replacement system is needed. A professional will consult with you to assess your electrical needs and budget, so you can select the best solution for you and your family, whether it is a new fuse box or installing a circuit breaker panel as a replacement. Finding the best option to match the capacity of your system is an important step in the installation process.

Upgrading Your Fuse Box

The length of time it takes to upgrade your fuse box will vary depending on how extensive the work is to be done. In addition to replacing the fuse box itself, the wiring around the fuse panel may need to be replaced due to wear or upgraded to match the capacity of the new panel. The wiring coming into the house from the utility grid may also need to be upgraded.

For a fuse box upgrade that will be done quickly and professionally, call G & S. Our Puget Sound area electricians will inspect your system and discuss your options with you. Once you’ve selected a new fuse box, our installers will get the job done right, so you can rest easy.